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London boroughs to invest £2mn to tackle the climate emergency

London boroughs are investing £2 million in the next phase of London Councils’ Climate Programme, accelerating local government’s collaborative work to tackle the climate emergency.

London Councils’ Climate Programme has been developed from boroughs’ ambitious Joint Statement on Climate Change, which committed London boroughs to delivering major programmes which address key climate change issues. Since 2020, boroughs have worked to establish the vision, action plans and leadership for the Climate Programme, whilst delivering successful projects and tools for the boroughs. 

The £2 million of funding announced today has been pledged for the next two years. This will enable London boroughs to work better together to reduce carbon emissions, deliver net zero faster and more efficiently while improving air quality and enhancing economic and health benefits across the capital.

In order to ensure the transition to net zero is a just one, the Climate Programme has been designed to address and tackle inequalities across London’s diverse communities.

Boroughs have already championed climate action by leading on EV charging infrastructure across the capital with thousands of chargers delivered in three years. Boroughs are committed to retrofitting homes to an average level of EPC B by 2030 which in turn creates warmer houses and reduces energy bills. Boroughs have also supported the growth of the green economy, creating pathways for green skills and long-term green jobs such as construction, green finance and green energy for people across the capital.

The next phase of the Climate Programme will drive forward all these projects, supporting Londoners’ desire for action on the climate emergency, and enabling them to adopt greener habits that can reduce carbon emissions and save money.   

The Climate Programme has seven different themes, each led by a borough or boroughs. It supports collaboration across all aspects of climate change including: 

  • Retrofit London - Scale retrofit across London to increase the number of homes retrofitted to EPC B or above. Led by LB Enfield and LB Waltham Forest.
  • Low Carbon Development – Strengthen the delivery of low carbon buildings and support boroughs to be leaders in low carbon development. Led by LB Hackney.
  • Low Carbon Transport - Halve road journeys made by petrol and diesel from 2019 to 2030. Led by RB Kingston and City of Westminster.
  • Renewable Power for London - Securing 100% renewable energy for London’s public sector now and in the future.
  • One World Living - Reducing consumption emissions by two thirds, focusing on food, clothing, electronics and plastics. Led by LB Harrow.
  • Building the Green Economy - Double the size of the green economy in London by 2030. Led by LB Hounslow.
  • Creating a Resilient and Green London – Develop a strong shared vision for a London that is environmentally, socially and economically resilient to the changing climate. Led by LB Southwark and RB Kensington and Chelsea.


Cllr Deirdre Costigan, Chair of London Councils’ Transport and Environment Committee, said:

“We must act on the climate emergency now. There are great opportunities for private investment in net zero and green jobs and growth to be had, but commitment over the next two years is critical. Choices made in London today about urban infrastructure, upskilling workers and supporting communities to live more sustainably will determine the extent and impact of the climate emergency across our capital.

“London’s boroughs are committed to rapid action to tackle the climate emergency, from tackling air pollution to addressing flooding and energy insecurity. We know that London, as the biggest city in the UK, has a vital role to play in reducing carbon emissions and this will underpin our future prosperity. This Climate Programme and boroughs’ £2 million pledge is essential to safeguarding London’s future.

“The Climate Programme has made real headway over the last few years to achieve a greener, cleaner and healthier London for all our communities and boroughs are committed to continuing this progress.”   

As well as working together via the London Councils’ Climate Programme, every London borough has a local Climate Action Plan setting out how they will meet their climate targets and deliver a just transition to a more sustainable future for their communities and businesses. 


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