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Name Borough Party Position Contact
Aqsa Ahmed Hounslow Labour Councillor Aqsa.Ahmed@hounslow.gov.uk
Muhammad Shakeel Akram Hounslow Labour Councillor muhammad.akram@hounslow.gov.uk
Madeeha Asim Hounslow Labour Councillor Madeeha.Asim@hounslow.gov.uk
Harleen Atwal Hear Hounslow Labour Councillor harleen.atwalhear@hounslow.gov.uk
Lily Bath Hounslow Labour Cabinet Member for Education, Children, Skills and Employment lily.bath@hounslow.gov.uk
Rasheed Bhatti Hounslow Labour Councillor rasheed.bhatti@hounslow.gov.uk
Joanna Biddolph Hounslow Conservative Councillor Joanna.Biddolph@hounslow.gov.uk
Dan Bowring Hounslow Labour Councillor Dan.Bowring@hounslow.gov.uk
Tom Bruce Hounslow Labour Cabinet Member for Regeneration and Development Tom.Bruce@hounslow.gov.uk
Ghazala Butt Hounslow Labour Councillor ghazala.butt@hounslow.gov.uk
Samia Chaudhary Hounslow Labour Cabinet Member for Adult Social Care, Public Health and Transformation samia.chaudhary@hounslow.gov.uk
Unsa Chaudri Hounslow Labour and Co-operative Councillor Unsa.Chaudri@hounslow.gov.uk
Bandna Chopra Hounslow Labour Councillor bandna.chopra@hounslow.gov.uk
Amy Croft Hounslow Labour Councillor amy.croft@hounslow.gov.uk
Sukhbir Singh Dhaliwal Hounslow Labour Councillor SukhbirSingh.Dhaliwal@hounslow.gov.uk
Katherine Dunne Hounslow Labour and Co-operative Deputy Leader of the Council and Climate Member for Climate, Environment and Transport Katherine.Dunne@hounslow.gov.uk
Jack Emsley Hounslow Conservative Councillor Jack.Emsley@hounslow.gov.uk
Adesh Farmahan Hounslow Labour Councillor Adesh.Farmahan@hounslow.gov.uk
Richard Foote Hounslow Labour and Co-operative Councillor Richard.Foote@hounslow.gov.uk
Gabriella Giles Hounslow Conservative Councillor Gabriella.Giles@hounslow.gov.uk
Ranjit Gill Hounslow Conservative Councillor Ranjit.Gill@hounslow.gov.uk
Shivraj Grewal Hounslow Labour Cabinet Member for Communities, Equalities and Culture Shivraj.Grewal@hounslow.gov.uk
Ajmer Grewal Hounslow Labour Cabinet Member for Safety and Regulatory Services Ajmer.Grewal@hounslow.gov.uk
Pritam Grewal Hounslow Labour Councillor Pritam.Grewal@hounslow.gov.uk
Vickram Grewal Hounslow Labour Councillor Vickram.Grewal@hounslow.gov.uk
Riaz Gull Hounslow Labour Councillor Riaz.Gull@hounslow.gov.uk
Bishnu Bahadur Gurung Hounslow Labour Councillor BishnuBahadur.Gurung@hounslow.gov.uk
Allan Joseph Hounslow Conservative Councillor Allan.Joseph@hounslow.gov.uk
Farah Kamran Hounslow Labour Councillor Farah.Kamran@hounslow.gov.uk
Afzaal Kiani Hounslow Labour Councillor Afzaal.Kiani@hounslow.gov.uk
Gurmail Lal Hounslow Labour Councillor Gurmail.Lal@hounslow.gov.uk
Guy Lambert Hounslow Labour and Co-operative Cabinet Member for Highways, Recycling and Health Integration Guy.Lambert@hounslow.gov.uk
Tony Louki Hounslow Labour Councillor Tony.Louki@hounslow.gov.uk
Karamat Malik Hounslow Labour Councillor Karamat.Malik@hounslow.gov.uk
Amritpal Mann Hounslow Labour Councillor Amritpal.Mann@hounslow.gov.uk
Geralf McGregor Hounslow Conservative Councillor Geralf.McGregor@hounslow.gov.uk
Junue Meah Hounslow Labour Councillor Junue.Meah@hounslow.gov.uk
Hina Mir Hounslow Labour and Co-operative Councillor Hina.Mir@hounslow.gov.uk
Alan Mitchell Hounslow Labour Councillor Alan.Mitchell@hounslow.gov.uk
Ron Mushiso Hounslow Conservative Councillor Ron.Mushiso@hounslow.gov.uk
Samina Nagra Hounslow Labour Councillor Samina.Nagra@hounslow.gov.uk
Lara Parizotto Hounslow Independent Councillor Lara.Parizotto@hounslow.gov.uk
Shantanu Rajawat Hounslow Labour and Co-operative Leader Shantanu.Rajawat@hounslow.gov.uk
Sayyar Raza Hounslow Labour Councillor Sayyar.Raza@hounslow.gov.uk
Farhaan Rehman Hounslow Labour Councillor Farhaan.Rehman@hounslow.gov.uk
Daanish Saeed Hounslow Labour Councillor Daanish.Saeed@hounslow.gov.uk
Sue Sampson Hounslow Labour Cabinet Member for Housing Management and Homelessness Sue.Sampson@hounslow.gov.uk
Balraj Sarai Hounslow Labour Councillor Balraj.Sarai@hounslow.gov.uk
Salman Shaheen Hounslow Labour Cabinet Member for Recreation, Public Spaces and Parking Salman.Shaheen@hounslow.gov.uk
Marina Sharma Hounslow Labour Councillor Marina.Sharma@hounslow.gov.uk

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