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Name Borough Party Position Contact
Ghazanfar Ali Harrow Labour Councillor ghazanfar.ali@harrow.gov.uk
Dan Anderson Harrow Labour Councillor dan.anderson@harrow.gov.uk
David Ashton Harrow Conservative Portfolio Holder for Finance & Human Resources david.ashton@harrow.gov.uk
Marilyn Ashton Harrow Conservative Deputy Leader of the Council and Portfolio Holder for Planning & Regeneration marilyn.ashton@harrow.gov.uk
Peymana Assad Harrow Labour Councillor peymana.assad@harrow.gov.uk
Christopher Baxter Harrow Conservative Councillor christopher.baxter@harrow.gov.uk
June Baxter Harrow Conservative Councillor june.baxter@harrow.gov.uk
Philip Benjamin Harrow Conservative Councillor philip.benjamin@harrow.gov.uk
Govind Bharadia Harrow Conservative Councillor govind.bharadia@harrow.gov.uk
Nicola Blackman Harrow Conservative Councillor nicola.blackman@harrow.gov.uk
Simon Brown Harrow Labour Councillor simon.brown@harrow.gov.uk
Ramji Chauhan Harrow Conservative Councillor ramji.chauhan@harrow.gov.uk
Shahania Choudhury Harrow Labour Councillor shahania.choudhury@harrow.gov.uk
Salim Chowdhury Harrow Conservative Councillor salim.chowdhury@harrow.gov.uk
Kandy Dolor Harrow Labour Councillor kandy.dolor@harrow.gov.uk
Dean Giligan Harrow Labour Councillor dean.gilligan@harrow.gov.uk
Matthew Goodwin-Freeman Harrow Conservative Councillor matthew.goodwin-freeman@harrow.gov.uk
Stephen Greek Harrow Conservative Portfolio Holder for Performance, Communications & Customer Experience stephen.greek@harrow.gov.uk
Chetna Halai Harrow Conservative Councillor chetna.halai@harrow.gov.uk
Susan Hall Harrow Conservative Councillor susan.hall@harrow.gov.uk
Graham Henson Harrow Labour Councillor graham.henson@harrow.gov.uk
Maxine Henson Harrow Labour Councillor maxine.henson@harrow.gov.uk
Stephen Hickman Harrow Labour Councillor stephen.hickman@harrow.gov.uk
Nitesh Hirani Harrow Conservative Councillor nitesh.hirani@harrow.gov.uk
Asif Hussain Harrow Labour Councillor asif.hussain@harrow.gov.uk
Thaya Idaikkadar Harrow Conservative Councillor thaya.idaikkadar@harrow.gov.uk
Ameet Jogia Harrow Conservative Councillor ameet.jogia@harrow.gov.uk
Rashmi Kalu Harrow Labour Councillor rashmi.kalu@harrow.gov.uk
Hitesh Karia Harrow Conservative Portfolio Holder for Children’s Services CllrHitesh.Karia@harrow.gov.uk
Eden Kulig Harrow Labour Councillor eden.kulig@harrow.gov.uk
Kuha Kumaran Harrow Conservative Councillor kuha.kumaran@harrow.gov.uk
Jean Lammiman Harrow Conservative Portfolio Holder for Community & Culture jean.lammiman@harrow.gov.uk
Jerry Miles Harrow Labour Councillor jerry.miles@harrow.gov.uk
Vipin Mithani Harrow Conservative Councillor vipin.mithani@harrow.gov.uk
Amir Moshenson Harrow Conservative Councillor amir.moshenson@harrow.gov.uk
Janet Mote Harrow Conservative Councillor janet.mote@harrow.gov.uk
Phillip O'Dell Harrow Labour Councillor phillip.odell@harrow.gov.uk
Paul Osborn Harrow Conservative Leader paul.osborn@harrow.gov.uk
Nitin Parekh Harrow Labour Councillor nitin.parekh@harrow.gov.uk
Varsha Parmar Harrow Labour Councillor varsha.parmar@harrow.gov.uk
Mina Parmar Harrow Conservative Portfolio Holder for Housing mina.parmar@harrow.gov.uk
Anjana Patel Harrow Conservative Portfolio Holder for Environment & Community Safety anjana.patel@harrow.gov.uk
Pritesh Patel Harrow Conservative Portfolio Holder for Adult Services & Public Health pritesh.patel@harrow.gov.uk
David Perry Harrow Labour Councillor david.perry@harrow.gov.uk
Natasha Proctor Harrow Labour Councillor natasha.proctor@harrow.gov.uk
Kanti Rabadia Harrow Conservative Councillor kanti.rabadia@harrow.gov.uk
Rekha Shah Harrow Labour Councillor rnshah@harrow.gov.uk
Aneka Shah-Levy Harrow Labour Councillor aneka.shah-levy@harrow.gov.uk
Norman Stevenson Harrow Conservative Portfolio Holder for Business, Employment & Property norman.stevenson@harrow.gov.uk
Samir Sumaria Harrow Conservative Councillor samir.sumaria@harrow.gov.uk

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