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Name Borough Party Position Contact
Kam Adams Hackney Labour Councillor kam.adams@hackney.gov.uk
Grace Adebayo Hackney Labour Councillor grace.adebayo@hackney.gov.uk
Soraya Adejare Hackney Labour Councillor soraya.adejare@hackney.gov.uk
Frank Baffour Hackney Labour Councillor Frank.baffour@hackney.gov.uk
Alastair Binnie-Lubbock Hackney Green Party Councillor alastair.binnie-lubbock@hackney.gov.uk
Anntoinette Bramble Hackney Labour Deputy Mayor of Hackney and Cabinet Member for Education, Young People and Children's Social care anntoinette.bramble@hackney.gov.uk
Robert Chapman Hackney Labour Cabinet member for finance, insourcing and customer service robert.chapman@hackney.gov.uk
Mete Coban Hackney Labour Cabinet member for climate change, environment and transport mete.coban@hackney.gov.uk
Sophie Conway Hackney Labour Councillor sophie.conway@hackney.gov.uk
Michael Desmond Hackney Labour Councillor michael.desmond@hackney.gov.uk
Sade Etti Hackney Labour Deputy cabinet member for housing needs and homelessness sade.etti@hackney.gov.uk
Susan Fajana-Thomas Hackney Labour Cabinet member for community safety and regulatory services susan.fajanathomas@hackney.gov.uk
Humaira Garasia Hackney Labour Councillor humaira.garasia@hackney.gov.uk
Zoe Garbett Hackney Green Party Councillor zoe.garbett@hackney.gov.uk
Margaret Gordon Hackney Labour Councillor margaret.gordon@hackney.gov.uk
Christopher Kennedy Hackney Labour Cabinet member for health, adult social care, voluntary sector and culture christopher.kennedy@hackney.gov.uk
Shaul Krautwirt Hackney Conservative Councillor shaul.krautwirt@hackney.gov.uk
Lee Laudat-Scott Hackney Labour Councillor lee.laudat-scott@hackney.gov.uk
Michael Levy Hackney Conservative Councillor michael.levy@hackney.gov.uk
Hershy Lisser Hackney Conservative Councillor hershy.lisser@hackney.gov.uk
Richard Lufkin Hackney Labour Councillor richard.lufkin@hackney.gov.uk
Anna Lynch Hackney Labour Councillor anna.lynch@hackney.gov.uk
Yvonne Maxwell Hackney Labour Councillor yvonne.maxwell@hackney.gov.uk
Clayeon McKenzie Hackney Labour Cabinet member for housing services and resident participation clayeon.mckenzie@hackney.gov.uk
Sem Moema Hackney Labour Deputy cabinet member for private rented sector and housing affordability sem.moema@hackney.gov.uk
Jon Narcross Hackney Labour Councillor jon.narcross@hackney.gov.uk
Guy Nicholson Hackney Labour Deputy Mayor for delivery, inclusive economy & regeneration (cabinet member) guy.nicholson@hackney.gov.uk
Joseph Ogundemuren Hackney Labour No Place for Hate Champion joseph.ogundemuren@hackney.gov.uk
Deniz Oguzkanli Hackney Labour Councillor deniz.oguzkanli@hackney.gov.uk
M Can Ozsen Hackney Labour Councillor mcan.ozsen@hackney.gov.uk
Sam Pallis Hackney Labour Councillor sam.pallis@hackney.gov.uk
Benzion Papier Hackney Conservative Councillor benzion.papier@hackney.gov.uk
Sharon Patrick Hackney Labour Councillor sharon.patrick@hackney.gov.uk
Patrick Pinkerton Hackney Labour Councillor patrick.pinkerton@hackney.gov.uk
Clare Potter Hackney Labour Councillor clare.potter@hackney.gov.uk
Fliss Premru Hackney Independent Socialist Councillor fliss.premru@hackney.gov.uk
Ian Rathbone Hackney Labour Councillor ian.rathbone@hackney.gov.uk
Midnight Ross Hackney Labour Councillor midnight.ross@hackney.gov.uk
Ali Sadek Hackney Labour Councillor ali.sadek@hackney.gov.uk
Ifraax Samatar Hackney Labour Councillor ifraax.samatar@hackney.gov.uk
Caroline Selman Hackney Labour Councillor caroline.selman@hackney.gov.uk
Ian Sharer Hackney Conservative Councillor ian.sharer@hackney.gov.uk
Anya Sizer Hackney Labour Councillor anya.sizer@hackney.gov.uk
Gilbert Smyth Hackney Labour Councillor gilbert.smyth@hackney.gov.uk
Simche Steinberger Hackney Conservative Councillor simche.steinberger@hackney.gov.uk
Sheila Suso-Runge Hackney Labour Councillor sheila.suso-runge@hackney.gov.uk
Lynne Troughton Hackney Labour Councillor lynne.troughton@hackney.gov.uk
Claudia Turbet-Delof Hackney Independent Socialist Councillor claudia.turbet-delof@hackney.gov.uk
Joseph Walker Hackney Labour Councillor joesph.walker@hackney.gov.uk
Jessica Webb Hackney Labour Councillor jessica.webb@hackney.gov.uk

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