Pre-order your printed copy of the London Government Directory

The London Government Directory is printed in October of each year.  Costing £35.00 per copy (£17.50 for registered charities) you benefit from free postage and packing for up to three copies. 

Unfortunately, we can not accept online payments so we will request details of where to send an invoice - please have these details to hand when completing your order.

NOTE: London borough councillors and senior officers whose names appear in the Directory are entitled to one free copy. Subsequent copies will be charged for.


Councillors and senior borough officers are entitled to one free copy of the Directory
Please be aware that you will be charged £35.00 per copy (or £17.50 per copy if you are a voluntary organisation). You will be invoiced before your order is dispatched.
Please note that we may charge for postage for larger quantities. We will contact you in advance to inform you of the cost.