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Circle: the free London safety app

Circle is the free, must-have safety app for Londoners. It’s the easiest way to stay safe and connected to your nearest and dearest in and around the city. Simply check-in with friends at the touch of a button, letting them know you’re okay or that you need a little help.

This handy app is packed with other useful resources too, like emergency contact numbers and directions to your closest Safety Spot. So whether you’re out dating, dancing or dining in this great city, you can live London connected with your Circle of friends.

Features on Circle include:

  • Add friends from your contact list
  • Send messages at the touch of a button
  • Find your closest Safety Spot

Download now for free:



Twitter # tags

If you want to # tag any then these are suggestions (use your own if you prefer, these are just suggestions)

#CircleSafety – This currently has no mentions so is ownable

#SafeLondon – We know that lots of councils in London are using this in tweets so would be worth tapping into

#LiveLondon – Although predominately associated with tourist attractions; Winter Wonderland, London bridge etc. it is perhaps also one worth tapping into

Circle images

The images in the zipped file below are sized for social media. If you want print resolution, or just the photos (without the branding), scroll to the end of the page where you can download larger files.

Images sized for social media use - 750Kb

Circle videos

Four video options available on YouTube if you want to embed them on your site (one long and three shorter edits). If you would prefer the MPV files please use the WeTransfer link at the bottom of this page or contact Chris Hughes, Things Unlimited digital agency.

Circle brand assets

Brand guidelines for design and for written communications - Download the Circle London brand guideline 

Zip files

Creative - 4 MB

Key visuals 1 - 30 MB

Key visuals 2 - 23 MB

Key visuals 3 - 23 MB

Key visuals 4 - 20 MB

WeTransfer files


Main photography

Social videos

Please contact Chris Hughes, Things Unlimited digital agency.