Beyond Boundaries: A self-evaluation tool

London Councils commissioned Isos Partnership to explore effective models of service integration to support babies, children and their families from pre-birth to age five in London.

The purpose of the research was to generate policy recommendations, but also to empower local authorities and their partners in health and the wider community to reflect on how they work together to progress joined-up support for London children and families in the future.

A final report setting out what we found and proposals at the local, regional and national level was published in July 2022.

This a self-evaluation tool and accompanying document draw on the detailed learning about ‘what works’ in the research. It provides a framework for local authorities and their partners to reflect constructively on where they are in terms of early years integration and poses questions to help them identify sticking points and move forward.

The tool is designed for local authorities that want to work with partners to progress integration across their local early years system and build a common agenda for change. The tool is structured around the three key themes that we identified in the research: purpose and priorities, people and place and partnership and process. The relevant enablers are listed for each theme, together with the characteristics we identified within effectively integrated early years systems in London. Areas should work as a partnership to identify average scores for the enablers, based on the extent to which the maturity indicators are present, what is working well and the evidence that shows this.

The tool and accompanying document are available to be downloaded through the form below.

If your organisation or partnership would like further support in using this tool, please contact