Adult Skills: Lessons from Around the World

In July 2016, London Councils asked the Learning and Work Institute to conduct a research project to help support and develop local government’s thinking and input into the London Area Review process. This work focused on what future delivery models London government might wish to introduce and also included analysis of a number of international models that could be applicable to London.

For this paper, case studies were chosen that provide learning in three key areas: Delivery and Structure; Outcomes and Impact; and Engaging Employers. Within each theme a model was selected based on a range of criteria, including applicability to London and ease of disaggregating relevant lessons.

The models chosen are:

  1. Delivery and Structure: New York City Career Pathways

  2. Outcomes and Impact: Workforce Training Results, Washington State

  3. Engaging Employers: Netherlands VET

This report looks at evidence of impact and for specific lessons in relation to the tools and actions available to London Councils. On the basis of this evidence, a set of key lessons are drawn out which form part of the wider recommendations made on developing possible models.

Key lessons for London:

  • Look for ‘golden nuggets’ in other approaches, rather than whole models

  • Partnerships are key to improved delivery

  • Employers with ‘skin in the game’ – why will employers get more involved?

  • Funding beyond the programme – what opportunities from philanthropy?

  • Technology has made the gathering and sharing of data easier

  • Moving out of silos – a city vision backed up by a city plan

  • Engaging residents – ‘Dear Londoners”

You can download a copy of the report here.