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  • By London Councils

Governance and decision making

The current Capital Ambition Board has been in operation since February 2011. The Board comprises five elected members advised by three Chief Executives, a representative from the Local Government Association, a representative from the London Fire and Emergency Planning Authority and a nominee from the Society of London Treasurers.

The Board is the sole decision making authority for programme funds.

Use of remaining funds

Local authorities in receipt of Capital Ambition funding need to be able to account for how funds are used, in accordance with the broad requirements of the funding and in line with the specifics of their agreed funding proprosals, funding award terms and conditions and the requirements of the Capital Ambition Board.

Remaining funds are prioritised against projects that fulfil the following strategic priorities:

  • Enhance collaborative procurement
  • Develop shared services
  • Support service redesign or significantly improve productivity
  • Address workforce planning and productivity
  • Support major policy programmes

It is anticipated that remaining funds will be allocated directly to commissioned work where there is an intention to develop a wider collaboration, with the possibility of further funding round, although this will be a decision for the Capital Ambition Board.

The Board is also considering different models for Capital Ambition in the future. The intention is to explore the potential to use remaining funds to optimise continued benefit to London authorities. It is recognised that any such model will need to be considered carefully before any prospect of implementation.

Projects in receipt of funding

The above does not affect projects in receipt of funding other than the need to account to a different governance structure in terms of the use of the allocated funds. Those projects ending within the present financial year will be required to account for the projected delivery of outputs and outcomes for which funding was obtained.

Projects that have applied for funding

The Capital Ambition Board will make decisions on funding.

New project funding

The fund is now closed to new funding applications.

For any questions on the above in the first instance please contact the Capital Ambition programme office on 020 7934 9547.