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Capital Ambition Board members

  • By London Councils

The Capital Ambition board members listed below were agreed at the Leaders' Committee 2015 AGM. The Board comprises five elected members who will be advised by three Chief Executives and other nominees representing London local government.

The Board will be the sole decision making authority for the remaining funds.


  • Mr Edward Lord OBE JP (Chair) - City of London
  • Cllr. Stephen Alambritis (Deputy Chair) - LB Merton
  • Cllr. Fiona Colley - LB Southwark 
  • Cllr. David Simmonds CBE - LB Hillingdon
  • Cllr. Nicholas Paget-Brown - R.B Kensington and Chelsea


London Councils

  • John O’Brien, Chief Executive
  • Thomas Man, Head of Capital Ambition
  • Lisa Henry, Capital Ambition Programme Manager

Chief Executives' London Committee

  • Paul Najsarek - LB Ealing
  • Rob Leak -  LB Enfield
  • John Comber - RB Greenwich

Society of London Treasurers

  • James Rolfe - L.B. Enfield

GLA Group

  • Fiona Fletcher-Smith - GLA

Local Government Group

  • Heather Wills - Local Government Association

London Procurement Strategy Board

  • Mike O'Donnell, Chair of LPSB


  • Lisa Dominic - London Councils