London Borough of Newham

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Size: 36.23 km2

Population: 243,891 (49.1% male/50.9% female)*

Population Density: 67.3 people per hectare; the 13th most populated of all boroughs*

Age Breakdown: 4% 75+, 69.8% 16-74, 26.2% under 16*

Ethnicity Breakdown: 39.4% White, 60.4% BME*

Religion: 46.8% Christian, 9% no religion, 44.2% other*

Education: 66 primary schools, 15 secondary schools,
two non-mainstream schools+ 

Employment: 47.7% employment rate* #

*National Census 2001+Newham Council#
National Average 2001: 60.6%

Interesting Borough Facts

  • Newham is the 15th largest London borough by area
  • Stratford City, the largest mixed-use urban regeneration project in the UK, will host the majority of Olympic athletes in 2012 and create a new £4 billion metropolitan centre in east London as part of the Games legacy
  • Newham is London’s second fastest growing borough, with a population increase of 28% expected by 2020
  • Newham is one of just two London boroughs to have a larger black and minority ethnic population than those identifying themselves as ‘white’
  • Nearly 10% of the borough is green space

Facts courtesy of London Councils' Ten Interesting Things Publication