Royal Borough of Greenwich

Royal Borough of Greenwich

Greenwich map


Size: 47.36 km2

Population: 214,403 (47.9% male/52.1% female)*

Population Density:  55.3 people per hectare; the 19th most populated of all boroughs*

Age Breakdown: 6.5% 75+, 71.7% 16-74, 21.8% under 16*

Ethnicity Breakdown: 58.7% White, 41.3% BME*

Religion: 50.7% Christian, 13.4% no religion, 35.9.2% other*

Education: 65 Primary Schools, 12 Secondary Schools, 6 non-mainstream school+

Employment: 61.5 employment rate* #

*National Census 2001+Greenwich Council # National Average 2001: 60.6%

Interesting Borough Facts

  • Greenwich is the 13th largest London borough by area
  • Greenwich sent just 3% of waste to landfill in 2007/08, less than any other local authority in England
  • The Prime Meridian, defined as 00 longitude, passes through Greenwich, as well as parts of Spain, Algeria, Togo and Antarctica
  • Maritime Greenwich was awarded World Heritage Site status in 1997
  • At eight miles, Greenwich has the longest embankment along the River Thames in London

Facts courtesy of London Councils' Ten Interesting Things Publication