London Borough of Ealing

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Size: 55.53 km2

Population: 300,948 (49% male/51% female)*

Population Density:  54.2 people per hectare; the 16th most populated of all boroughs*

Age Breakdown: 5.4% 75+, 74.7% 16-74, 19.9% under 16*

Ethnicity Breakdown: 58.7% White, 41.3% BME*

Religion: 50.7% Christian, 13.4% no religion, 35.9.2% other*

Education: 65 Primary Schools, 12 Secondary Schools, 6 non-mainstream school+ 

Employment: 61.5 employment rate* #

*National Census 2001+Ealing Council # National Average 2001: 60.6%

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Interesting Borough Facts

  • Ealing is the 11th largest London borough by area
  • Ealing Studios celebrated its centenary y in 2002, making it the oldest film studios in the world still in production
  • Ealing has one of the largest Polish communities in London
  • After English, the most common first languages of pupils within Ealing schools are Panjabi (9%) and Somali (8%)
  • Ealing has the largest Sikh community in London and is home to Sri Guru Singh Sabha Gurdwara, the largest Sikh temple outside India

Facts courtesy of London Councils' Ten Interesting Things Publication