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Man examining plan of London

About our work

Planning plays a vital role in creating safe, clean and attractive places for Londoners to live, work and enjoy. The decisions and policies of London’s boroughs are a key element of successful planning in London and London Councils works across a range of planning policy areas to support boroughs in this work.

We work with the government, the Greater London Authority, and other stakeholders to represent 

the boroughs’ views and ensure that policies meet the needs of Londoners. As well as responding to consultations, we organise events for borough officers to share good practice and consider the implications of new policy developments.

Our current and future work includes the development of guidance for councillors involved in planning and influencing the government’s proposals for planning reform.


Councillor involvement in planning

Good practice guide

It is appropriate, and indeed best practice, for councillors to get more involved in the pre-application planning process.

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