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Council Tax Monitor 2012 / 2013

All boroughs have now set their final council tax figures for 2012/13. No London borough has increased their council tax this year, with some reductions. Overall, the average London Band D Council Tax level has reduced to £1,304.35 (a reduction of £4.08).

The GLA precept for London boroughs excluding the City of London has been reduced to £306.72 (a reduction of £3.10). The precept for the City of London has been set at £78.62 (a reduction of £3.25).

Attached at the bottom of this page is the final council tax monitor, which contains the London borough's band D averages for 2012/13. Figures, highlighted, are shown including and excluding the GLA precept.

Please note that it is possible that the band D figures quoted for boroughs may sometimes differ slightly from these figures, as we have included garden squares/Wimbledon & Putney Commons in the band D average. This enables us to show the full income from Council Tax for each authority. We have indicated, using notes in the spreadsheet, where an  element that relates to garden squares or commons has been included.   

If you have any other questions please contact us the Local Government Finance Division on 020 7934 9961.