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About our work

London boroughs together own and maintain more than half a million homes. We work with councils, housing associations and other partners to ensure that London's social housing receives the necessary funding and support to tackle such issues as overcrowding, homelessness and the lack of affordable housing.

We work closed with Communities and Local Government to strengthen the role of local authorities in the delivery of housing and lobby for further resources for London councils to provide more homes for the capital.


Response to the Mayor's draft Housing Strategy for London

London Councils has responded to the consultation on the draft report, addressing wideranging concerns, including housing supply, finance, design, zoning and affordability. Read our full response

Local Housing Allowance (LHA) reform

'The Impact of Housing Benefit (LHA) Reform in London' is one of a series of reports on the housing impact of welfare reforms. Read the report

Modern housing block

Analysis: The London Housing Challenge 

A party conference discussion paper showing the need for 809,000 new homes in London by 2021. Read the discussion paper