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Diabetes Integrated Care Research

Policy area: Health and adult social services

Date of publication: 12 October 2011

File type: PDF Opens in a new window PDF, 1,187kb

Diabetes is a serious condition which requires a complex web of care. If diagnosed late, left untreated, or poorly managed, it can lead to life-threatening complications. Ensuring people with diabetes are able to access the care they need to stay healthy is vital.

The prevalence of diabetes nationally continues to increase, in 2009-10 numbers grew by 150,648 to hit a new UK record high of 2,784,911 – 4.26% of the UK population. There is a body of evidence which suggests that an integrative care approach which brings together hospitals, community care services, social care and the local authority, can improve access for patients and encourages a stronger focus on their long term needs.

London Councils working with Diabetes UK commissioned Apteligen Limited and PHAST (Public Health Action Support Team) to undertake research to examine the barriers to integration between health and social care in London and to assess opportunities for closer working in the future.

This report sets out the evidence for greater integration between health and social care demonstrating how strong preventative work combined with effective patient-centred care can greatly reduce diabetes and improve lifestyles for patients and at the same time deliver significant cost benefits.