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Health and adult services


The Health and Adult Services team is responsible for London Councils’ policy work on health, public health, adult social care and health and social care integration.

Our priorities include:

  • Lobbying for adequate funding to maintain and reform adult social care services in line with the 2014 Care Act;
  • Supporting London Health and Wellbeing Boards to become effective local system leaders and shapers;
  • Encouraging and enabling health and social care integration, to enable care to be shaped around the needs of individuals not organisations;
  • Maximising the opportunities provided by public health being based in local government and playing our part in addressing London wide challenges.

Latest news

London Councils have responded to the consultation on the funding formulae for implementation of the Care Act in 2015-16. We are concerned that the proposed formulae when applied to London fail to meet the potential needs that have already been identified for 2015/16 and indeed increase the funding gap across London. We believe that further work is required to strengthen the formulae.

Read the response

Contact a member of the team:

Sarah Sturrock

Interim Strategic Lead, Health and Adult Services

020 7934 9653

Judith Hendley

Head of Policy, Health and Adult Services

020 7934 9972

Anastasia Lungu-Mulenga

Policy and Projects Manager

020 7934 9809

Addicus Cort

Principal Policy and Projects Officer

020 7934 9837