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London waste networks & organisations

Officers Advisory Panel on Waste – OAPW

Following a formal TEC agreement in December 2006, London Councils set up an advisory panel on waste to focus discussion on specific and pertinent matters relating to waste services in the region. 

Members include waste managers from a number of boroughs and representatives of Londons' four statutory waste disposal authorities. The Panel meets quarterly.

The Association of London Cleansing Officers - ALCO

This forum meets regularly and maintains a reliable e-mail based information sharing network.  The forum is set up as a means to update and inform London’s local authority senior officers on relevant waste management issues and topics.

ALCO's members include senior waste management officers and representatives from waste disposal authorities.  The forum also includes representation from: London Councils; the Greater London Authority (GLA); the London Waste & Recycling Board (LWARB), the Environment Agency; and London Remade.

Key contacts for ALCO:
Neil Isaac (Honorary Chair)

Stephen Didsbury (Honorary Secretary)

Michael Singham MCIWM (ALCO Information Officer)



London Recycling Officers Group - LROG

The Group is well represented by recycling officers from each of London's local authorities. The officer group also meets regularly and uses e-mail to disseminate relevant information and best practice sharing amongst it's membership. Meetings will include presentations and discussion on relevant policy and practical issues relating to recyclable waste collection and treatment. Typically, each meeting will be dedicated to a specific recycling theme.

Key contacts for LROG:

Sarah Ellis (co-Chair)

Lorien Nash (co-Chair)

Jacki Ager (LROG Secretary)



Other networks, organisations and websites of interest