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Response to the Mayor's Air Quality Strategy

Policy area: Environment

Date of publication: 07 July 2011

File type: PDF Opens in a new window PDF, 4,066kb

The latest revision of the Mayor’s Air Quality Strategy was published in December 2010.

In the summer 2010 the Greater London Authority (GLA) released its draft proposals for public consultation. London Councils’ TEC committee responded to this on behalf of London’s boroughs, supporting some aspects of the proposals but also raising concerns about:

  • The removal of the Western Extension Zone to the Congestion Charge.
  • The delay to the introduction of stage three of the Low Emission Zone (LEZ) from 2011 to 2012.
  • A lack of committed funding or detailed plans for suggested mitigation measures.
  • A lack of emphasis on the health and cost implications of poor air quality.

You can download our response below. 

Clean Air Fund

The GLA has recently been awarded £5 million to help improve air quality in London in 2011/12. Read more here.