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Local Economic Assessments

The key role of the Local Economic Assessment is to paint a picture of the economic state of the borough. For this to be as complete as possible, the assessment should relate to the wider regional economic perspective.

It is also important that assessments have a shared understanding and accessibility, to other boroughs to identify shared economic goals and to minimise the possibility conflicting policies.

To assist officers it meeting these objectives and to share good ideas and intelligence, The London Boroughs have agreed to share their assessments with colleagues from neighbouring boroughs and with from across the capital.  

Access to the library is restricted at the moment to London Borough officers. To obtain a password please e-mail Dianna Neal Opens in a new window

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The Central London Economic Assessment (CLEA) described the make-up of the Central London economy in 2010. It reviewed performance on the eve of the May general election and local elections in the London boroughs. A Central London Prospectus was published as the executive summary of the CLEA, providing one page snapshots of the twelve topics which made up the assessment.

This report updates the prospectus from May 2010 to December 2011. Opens in a new window