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Borough economic development

London boroughs have an important role in promoting local economic growth. London has a vibrant economy and is a world class business location.

Boroughs support the capital’s competitive edge and ensure that business development supports local communities and gives them opportunities. They also focus on areas where economic growth has not reached its potential. London Councils works to promote the role of boroughs in economic development. Our work includes:

  • Working with the boroughs and the Mayor to develop Local Enterprise Partnerships in London
  • Lobbying government for new ways of funding infrastructure and regeneration projects for London boroughs
  • Developing economic opportunities around the low carbon economy and other growth sectors
  • Promoting the economic diversity of London and ensuring this is taken account of in pan-London strategies and activities
  • Providing practical support for boroughs in developing their Local Economic Assessments (LEAs) and encouraging the development of sub-regional LEAs.