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National Apprenticeship Week

LB Tower Hamlets - Employer Event and Schools Event
Tower Hamlets held an afternoon session for school pupils to come and find out more about apprenticeships and talk to real-life apprentices.

An evening drinks reception was also held for employers to discuss the benefits of offering apprenticeships and how they can work for your organisation. There were keynote speeches
from Ken Livingstone, Bouygues UK, the National Apprenticeship Service and Tower Hamlets College.

For further information on apprenticeships in Tower Hamlets, contact Abdul Awaal.

LB Hammersmith and Fulham - Town Hall promotions

The Council promoted apprenticeships and their current schemes of Business Administration and Social Care at the Town Hall.

For information on apprentices at LBHF, contact Amanda McDonagh.

LB Croydon - Internal promotion

Croydon Council are at the early stages of their apprenticeship journey so took advantage of National Apprenticeship Week to promote apprentices to their managers through drop in sessions in the Council canteen.

For information on Croydon's plan, contact Hannah Matta.

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