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National Apprenticeship Week

LB Wandsworth - celebrating Schools and Children Services Apprentices

Wandsworth have made great progress in working with local schools to employ apprentices in their workforce and in the children's services department.

They held an event to celebrate the achievements of their apprentices and managers.

For further information on apprenticeships at Wandsworth contact Sue Williamson.

LB Islington - the SUMO guy

Islington held a celebratory lunch event for their apprentices with special guest speaker Paul McGee, the SUMO guy.

For information on apprentices in Islington, contact Dyon McKenzie.

LB Camden - Who Am I quiz?

Camden are launching a new internal and external Apprenticeship scheme at the end of February so as a forerunner to that, they have promoted Apprenticeship Week internally through a Who Am I - Guess the Celebrity Apprentice quiz.

For information on apprenticeships at Camden, contact Lauren Bernardi

LB Southwark - Awards ceremony and School Roadshow

Southwark held an awards ceremony for all of their completing apprentices and to congratulate them on a 100% completion rate as well as a 100% success rate of the apprentices getting permanent roles. They also held a roadshow at a local secondary school with HR team and apprentices speaking to Year 11's about the benefits of apprenticeship for them as career option.

For more information on Southwark's apprentices, contact Ann Cochrane.

LB Bexley - internal promotion and celebration

LB Bexley are having an afternoon tea celebration with their apprentices and the Chief Executive and the Leader of the Council.

Apprentices also got the chance to attend a fast track CLAIT and minute taking course during the week as well publishing photos and case study articles in internal and external communication publications.

They are linking the whole week up with managers signing the Skills Pledge.

For information on the Bexley Scheme, contact Cheryl Jones.

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