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London Councils Resources

Apprenticeship Guide for Line Managers Opens in a new window

This brand new resource, put together by London Councils and NAS, is designed to support line managers to understand how apprenticeships work, how to get the best out of an apprentice, and what to do if things aren't working out as expected. It includes case studies and tips from managers and apprentices themselves, and is suitable for both the public and private sector.

London Borough Apprenticeship Toolkit Opens in a new window

A toolkit for employers, with comprehensive information on all you need to know about recruiting an apprentice, how to gain support within your organisation, and dispelling some of the myths around apprenticeships.

Care Leavers into Apprenticeships: how are Care Leavers accessing apprenticeships in London? Opens in a new window

This document looks at some of the barriers faced by young people leaving care when trying to access apprenticeships, and some of the work done by London boroughs to support them to improve their skills and readiness for work. It includes case studies from a variety of boroughs.

Key players

  • National Apprenticeship Service (NAS) – Responsible for working with employers all across the country to encourage apprenticeships. Your first port of call for encouraging apprenticeships with employers in your area or for investigating suitable training providers in your area. Get the Apprenticeships Employer Badge here.
  • Federation for Industry Sector Skills and Standards - An organisation comprising all 25 licensed UK Sector Skills Councils (SSCs), the employer-driven organisations representing learning and skills pathways for employers.
  • The Young Foundation - The Young Foundation undertakes research to understand social needs and then develops practical initiatives and institutions to address them. They are currently working with Manchester City Council, Hertfordshire County Council and South Tyneside District Council on employment initiatives to engage young people, including apprenticeships.
  • Union Learn - Trade Unions play an important role in promoting learning in the workplace as well as encouraging employers to take on apprentices and make sure they have a fair deal.


Information sharing

  • Knowledge Hub – Administered by the LGA. Sign up to the Knowledge Hub to access the Public Sector Apprenticeships group, which provides a dedicated online community sharing information and joint learning. Register to receive regular information updates.
  • Members Area - Area on this site for London boroughs to share Manager Guides, Apprentice Job Descriptions and information on implementing their schemes.


Research and advice

  • Opening Doors to Apprenticeships – A Young Foundation report on practical steps that need to be taken in order to better understand disadvantage and/or disengagement from apprenticeships, to raise awareness, to create more effective pre-apprenticeship routes, and to improve employer engagement.
  • Generation NEET report Opens in a new window - examines the opinions of young people who have experience of being NEET and explores how policy makers could help this generation in the future. While this is a national report a number of the findings are particularly relevant to London.


Opens in a new window

Employment initiatives/pre-apprenticeship programmes