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Economic development

economic development

About our work

Priorities for the economy, culture and tourism team in 2013/14 include:

- improving the effectiveness of employment programmes in London
improving the skills system for the capital’s employers and residents
- driving local economic growth through high streets and town centres
- supporting boroughs to develop infrastructure projects to generate economic growth



- influencing the development of the EU Structural Fund programme for 2014-2020 in London
- supporting boroughs to create good quality apprenticeships particularly through procurement
- engaging employers to generate apprenticeship opportunities for 16-18 year olds.

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Featured publications

London Councils Apprenticeship Evaluation Report: An evaluation of what we achieved with the funding from the National Apprenticeship Service. 

Streets Ahead? Putting high streets at the heart of local economic growth:  A report providing 13 recommendations to place boroughs at the centre of local economic development in their high streets and town centres.

Small Business Friendly Policies: Following the Small Business Friendly Borough Awards 2013 this briefing summarises some of the successful small business friendly policies being implemented by local authorities across London.

Getting London Working: A new 10 point plan by London Councils sets out immediate, medium and long term recommendations that move towards a funding model that gets more Londoners back to work

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Welfare Reform

Track the progress of the government's welfare reform proposals and read our research.