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The gang and beyond report

Policy area: Crime and public protection

Date of publication: 02 March 2011

File type: PDF Opens in a new window PDF, 330kb

In 2010 London Councils commissioned London Metropolitan University (LMU) to carry out research that would provide officers and practitioners with an insight into the characteristics of gangs and street groups in London. This paper discusses and summarises some of the issues raised in the LMU report, Confronting London’s Violent Street World: The gang and beyond.


It also presents some of the key issues raised by panelists and officers at a practitioners’ seminar held by London Councils on 3 November 2010. The paper offers useful suggestions for improving existing services and programmes targeted at reducing the impact of gang activity in the capital.


You can download the briefing below in PDF format  and the full LMU report: "Confronting London’s Violent Street World" A Report for London Councils in Word format.


Officers may find the following articles useful in their daily work with gangs and young people.