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Looked After Children in London - an analysis of changes in the numbers

Policy area: Children and young people

Date of publication: 12 February 2013

File type: PDF Opens in a new window PDF, 1,357kb

London Councils commissioned this study to find out the factors influencing the reduction of numbers of looked after children (LAC) in London. Department for Education (DfE) figures indicate that the number of children looked after by local authorities has been rising steadily across England in recent years, but that by contrast, the number of children who were looked after in London had decreased since 2007. This trend appeared to be continuing.

The aim of the study was to develop a more detailed understanding of the reasons for the decrease of numbers of London’s looked after children. The intention was to build a more nuanced picture of trends across the region, particularly with regard to an apparent disparity between Inner and Outer London, and to help share good practice.

The study incorporated:

  • an analysis of the DfE quantitative data
  • the findings from a London wide survey (23 London boroughs returned a detailed questionnaire)
  • a series of in-depth interviews in nine London boroughs
  • and telephone interviews with senior managers in five other regions of the country.

The report available here outlines the findings of the study.