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Children and young people


About our work

London Councils' children and young people team co-ordinates policy work and represents the interests of boroughs on a pan-London basis relating to all aspects of children's services.  The aim of this lobbying role is to improve outcomes for all children and young people in the capital.

Our children and young people’s team liaises closely with London Boroughs through groups such as the Association of Directors of Children's Services on a

broad range of issues relating to children, young people and their families.

The team also works with a key range of regional and national stakeholder organisations including: the Department for Education; the Greater London Authority (GLA); the Local Government Association (LGA); the Youth Justice Board; NHS London; Metropolitan Police Service; London’s Voluntary and Community Sector; and others Find out more...


Free early-years education for disadvantaged children

London Councils commissioned the Daycare Trust to undertake research into the challenges facing London local authorities Opens in a new window in delivering the two year-old entitlement and to consider how to address these.

Majority of Free school parents support council intervention

The first survey of London parents’ attitudes to the new educational system reveals that a majority of parents (62 per cent) with children at a free school support councils having a role in dealing with underperforming free schools. Read the full report.