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Resilience in severe weather

  • By Jennifer Sibley

London Councils and its member authorities have a role in London Resilience - ensuring London's economy and transport infrastructure continues in times of emergency, civil disturbance or severe weather.

In severe weather, boroughs and their partners grit priority roads across the capital to help keep London moving as smoothly as possible. Boroughs and their partners do everything possible to keep any disruption caused by severe weather to a minimum.

Pan-London standard gritting and resilience gritting routes

resilience route is part of the roads network that is normally treated in extreme winter weather because it provides an essential route to the public and/or is a strategic route, providing access to key facilities. The map below gives more details of the resilience route network. The map can be downloaded from this page, so you can zoom in for a detailed view of the routes.

Pan-London standard gritting and resilience gritting routes

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