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About our work

  • By jennifer.sibley

Our focus

Our policy work encompasses a range of transport areas such as aviation, rail, electric vehicles and road safety. We influence national and regional policies (such as the Mayor’s Transport Strategy). We work to ensure London contributes to and benefits from the European sustainable transport agenda, by hosting the London European Partnership for Transport team. We lobby central and regional government for greater devolution of powers and funding, so that boroughs can provide the transport access their residents need. We work closely with our colleagues in the transport team in the Services directorate. 

London Councils’ transport work is principally governed by our Transport and Environment Committee (TEC). TEC was established in 2000, and has a number of statutory and discretionary functions. These include operating the transport services we provide for Londoners on behalf of boroughs, setting parking and highways offences penalties and establishing policy and guidance for pan-London transport and environment issues. It also includes facilitating the London Tribunals service. More information about TEC, including a list of councillors can be read here.