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Whereitsat: make money from under-utilised meeting spaces

  • By London Councils



Whereitsat is an online booking and payment platform that markets and advertises under-utilised meeting room space owned by local authorities for public/ private usage where the requirement is for temporary, flexible, and affordable room hire.

In addition to facilities that are already let or hired to the public, many London authorities have surplus, high quality meeting-room space which could be let in order to produce substantial new revenue streams.

Whereitsat is an online booking and payment e-marketplace that brings council-owned physical assets and potential users together. It offers real time availability and booking, making the user experience and venue supplier management process easy.

Whereitsat also provides tools and materials to support local authorities market the service, and depending on the system used by the local authority, integration with existing booking processes can be facilitated.



  • Enhanced revenue stream through letting of existing spaces with minimal extra costs.
  • The system can be offered to local schools in the LA at no extra contractual cost.
  • The hiring out, or creation of, meeting room spaces in libraries can help to sweat assets and insulate from further cuts.
  • Usage data gathered can be used to inform future asset management strategies and maximise utilisation.


Whereitsat is due to launch in June 2017.


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For more information please contact:

Thomas Man, Head of Capital Ambition ([email protected])

Lisa Henry, Capital Ambition Programme Manager ([email protected])