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Current ventures

See our borough-by-borough map to find out where our ventures are being implemented.


We are excited to announce that we have recently accepted six new venture partners on to the programme! We’ll be adding further information to the site over the next few weeks so keep checking back to find out more.  


Do you want to...

increase the speed of back-office processes?

Blue Prism’s robotic software automates back-office processes, improving efficiency and reducing the staff costs absorbed by repetitive tasks.  Blue Prism is already being implemented in Croydon, where productivity gains of up to 7 times have been achieved.

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generate a revenue stream through early payment of invoices?

Oxygen Finance works with local authorities and their suppliers to negotiate a revenue stream through early payment of invoices.   This increases local authorities’ income and strengthens their relationships with suppliers.  Oxygen Finance is currently being implemented in Croydon Council where it is estimated that £1.5m may be generated over the next 5 years.

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increase children’s safety?

Xantura’s Children’s Safeguarding Profile Model brings together data from multiple agencies to identify children who are most at risk of neglect or abuse, but were not previously known to the local authority.  Using this model, one LA has already identified over 300 additional Troubled Families in need of support.

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reduce the isolation and costs of caring for the elderly?

Visbuzz offers a very simple, low cost, low maintenance video calling scheme which can be used by those who are unable to use computers - such as the elderly or those who are physically or cognitively challenged.  The video calling scheme connects individuals with their loved ones and health professionals, helping to reduce isolation and the costs of caring.  It is already being used by organisations such as Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs), NHS, Private Care and Charities.

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support women's safety?

Xantura's Circle mobile phone app offers an innovative means for connecting with at-risk individuals.  The easy-to-use app allows people to build a safety network comprised of family and friends, broadcast their location to this network if in need of support, and find local services.  In a recent user survey 77% of the respondents reported feeling safer after downloading the app.

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be part of a pan-London fraud prevention hub?

The London Counter Fraud Hub will bring together data cross-sectors and cross-councils to prevent fraud and identify losses for investigation and recovery.   This pan-London data hub will match records across the capital to identify procurement deception, council tax evasion and illegal council housing tenancy sub-lets which are occurring across LA boundaries.

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reduce your risk of invoice fraud and payment error?

FISCAL Technologies AP Forensics® software solution supports Councils in 3 key areas of financial accountabilities; strong governance, improved risk mitigation and strengthening compliance. The software works alongside all Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems on a continuous monitoring basis to prevent payment errors and identify potential fraud, reducing the need for time-consuming manual checks and recovery audit fees to ultimately save time and money.

Fiscal Technologies won the 2016 Queen's Award for Enterprise in Innovation.

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save on unfair software license fee demands?

Oracle, Microsoft, SAP and the other large software vendors are increasingly placing pressure on their existing customers to obtain more revenue - either through 'license reviews' or when there's any change to the technical deployment.  Cerno fields a group of software experts from legal, technical and commercial backgrounds to challenge unfair demands, to establish the true license entitlement and to negotiate forcefully to reduce LAs costs.  Being independent and not a 'platinum partner' of the software vendor, Cerno can establish the best position for the council.  In one case, Cerno successfully reduced a claim by Oracle from £350,000 down to zero.

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fix slow business systems and increase productivity?

Quadnet identifies, assesses and fixes slow business systems which are affecting workforce applications and therefore productivity.  Slow performing applications can impact on costs by up to 9%, result in negative customer experiences, and make a business non-compliant in law. In a recent project for Islington Council’s parking services department, Quadnet delivered productivity improvements worth nearly £300,000 a year.

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crowdfund civic projects?

Space Hive, an easy-to-use online platform, allows individuals and companies to pledge funds to support civil projects such as new parks or playgrounds.  This unlocks new sources of investment for regeneration projects, whilst helping communities to take the lead in improving their environment.  Space Hive has already raised around £2.4m for 72 successfully funded projects.

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support residents to find local services?

CommunityConnect is an online tool that acts as a SATNAV to services, enabling frontline workers & residents to find accurate information about available support services in their local area. Within 4 minutes, any user should be able to find the solution most appropriate for their needs.

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recruit, retain and support foster carers?

Cornerstone’s programme of recruitment and retention offers a comprehensive ‘end to end’ package of foster carer support to local authorities, creating a lasting and sustainable solution.

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consult your local community in a smarter way?

Commonplace's web-based platform supports public engagement for planning and policy, drawing on the silent majority and building trust through transparency. 

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improve the cognitive health of young and elderly residents?

MyCognition is a digitally based cognitive assessment and training intervention that has been scientifically developed to improve mental health and develop cognitive functioning. It delivers solutions that are holistic, adaptive, cost-effective and accessible.

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make independent living possible for more people?

Alcove is fundamentally disrupting the traditional telecare market by embracing the world of connected, widely available smart technologies to help providers cut costs and improve delivery of care while allowing people to remain independent in their homes for as long as possible.

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make money from under-utilised meeting spaces?

Whereitsat is an online booking and payment platform that markets and advertises under-utilised meeting room space owned by local authorities for public/ private usage where the requirement is for temporary, flexible, and affordable room hire.

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