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Thames Regional Flood and Coastal Committee

  • By Jennifer Sibley


The Thames Regional Flood and Coastal Committee (TRFCC) is a committee established by the Environment Agency which brings together members appointed by Lead Local Flood Authorities (LLFAs) and independent members with relevant experience for the Thames River catchment area.  

The committee has three main purposes:

  • to ensure plans are in place to identify, communicate and manage flood and erosion risks
  • to encourage efficient, targeted and risk-based investment in flood and coastal erosion risk management which is value for money and brings benefits to communities
  • to act as a link between the Environment Agency, LLFAs and other relevant bodies to build an understanding of flood and coastal erosion risks.

Our Transport and Environment Committee (TEC) nominates seven members. The Chair of TEC and the Chair of the Thames Regional Flood and Coastal Committee have agreed Joint Working Arrangements.

Support for LLFAs

London Councils has worked with the Thames RFCC, LLFAs, the GLA and Environment Agency to boost officer capacity in LLFAs relating to the capital programme of flood defence works. A new team, funded by the Thames RFCC is now in place to work with LLFAs and support them with capital projects. The team has a presence on the KHub.