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Apprenticeship resources

  • By London Councils

London Councils Resources

Apprenticeship Levy Funding Proposals - London Councils Consultation response September 2016

The Government has announced its proposals for apprenticeship funding in England from May 2017. There will be 15 new funding bands replacing the existing six, but both the disadvantage uplift and London's Area Cost Adjustment will be removed. Employers will be able to transfer up to 10% of their Levy funds to another employer from 2018 (though not in the first year of the new system) potentially allowing for some support to generate apprenticeships in boroughs' supply chains. The government recently consulted on these proposals and London Councils submitted a response which is embedded in the title link above.

Apprenticeship targets for public sector bodies - London Councils consultation response March 2016

The Enterprise Bill will amend the Apprenticeships, Skills, Children and Learning Act 2009 to permit the Secretary of State to set targets for prescribed public bodies in relation to the number of apprentices working for them in England.  It is proposed that this duty should apply to public bodies that have 250 or more employees in England with each required to deliver apprenticeship starts equivalent to 2.3 per cent of their headcount of employees each year.  The government recently consulted on how the apprenticeship target should be implemented and London Councils submitted a response which is embedded in the title link above.

Apprenticeship Guide for Line Managers

This resource, put together by London Councils and NAS, is designed to support line managers to understand how apprenticeships work, how to get the best out of an apprentice, and what to do if things aren't working out as expected. It includes case studies and tips from managers and apprentices themselves, and is suitable for both the public and private sector.

London Borough Apprenticeship Toolkit

A toolkit for employers, with comprehensive information on all you need to know about recruiting an apprentice, how to gain support within your organisation, and dispelling some of the myths around apprenticeships.

Care Leavers into Apprenticeships: how are Care Leavers accessing apprenticeships in London?

This document looks at some of the barriers faced by young people leaving care when trying to access apprenticeships, and some of the work done by London boroughs to support them to improve their skills and readiness for work. It includes case studies from a variety of boroughs.