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Leadership in the Third Sector

The report entitled, The Way Ahead - Civil Society at the Heart of London here , commissioned by City Bridge Trust and undertaken by London Funders – focussed on some key themes:

  • Changing role of the state, voluntary and community sector (VCS) and funders of VCS
  • The need to support communities  to co-produce shared solution drawing on the strengths of the community (geographical or otherwise)]
  • The need to bring strategic leadership and the role of pan-London resourcing (with the potential to bring together sources of funding in a London pool to fund the provision of support to the VCS)
  • That the VCS should be supported to create consistent quality services and manage the risks associated with their increased role in delivering outcomes.

In the light of the recommendations, City Bridge Trust have sought the involvement of London Councils, on behalf of the boroughs, to work in strategic partnership in the implementation of the report’s findings including providing leadership in the third sector and influencing the spend of a central pool of funding of independent funders.

A workplan has been agreed by members of the Grants Committee outlining the key objectives, activities and outcomes for this area of work including the establishment of a working partnership with City Bridge Trust. This area of work aims to provide a coordinated response from the boroughs into issues of Civil Society support, and a coordinated response to The Way Ahead’s recommendations for London Councils which included promoting around commissioning, engaging civil society, strategic planning and decision making for the capital. This work will also include gathering intel on local authority third sector infrastructure support, commissioning styles and intentions , also working with other organisations such as GLA, NHS and London Funders to explore any areas of partnership in terms of data gathering.