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London ESF Youth Programme Support


London Councils is hosting a series of events to help support the successful delivery of the London ESF Youth Programme through effective dialogue between providers, partners and stakeholders.  The events are planned by the Strategic and Technical Advisory Group whose terms of reference are available under related documents.

The London ESF Youth Programme aims to address the needs of young people who are not in education, employment or training (NEET) – or ‘at risk’ of becoming NEET – and secure their sustained participation in appropriate education, training or employment (ETE). The success of the Programme depends on effective partnership working among its providers and stakeholders and by bringing everyone together – formally and informally – there will be regular opportunities to anticipate and resolve issues before they become major barriers to performance.  Providers will be able to generate case studies and disseminate good practice. 

The first of these events took place on Friday 2nd December, slides, handouts and a report on the day are available here.  

The second of these events took place on Friday 24th March, the delegate list from the day is available here.


  • Further information about the London ESF Youth Programme, including details of lead providers and their delivery partners, is available here
  • SEETEC have produced The London ESF Youth Programme Prospectus on behalf of providers. 
  • Further information about London Ambitions can be found here
  • The Youth Talent Portal developed by Skills Training UK can be accessed here

Details of future events will be listed here. 

This project is being part-funded through ESF Technical Assistance.