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A statement from London Councils

Released on 13 February 2013

A statement from London Councils:

In our view, the BBC Inside Out London report on suspended parking bays screened on 11 February was inaccurate and misleading.

It was based on a single case (Campbell v Camden) heard by the Parking and Traffic Appeals Service (PATAS) which sets no legal precedent and is in any case superseded by subsequent decisions from PATAS coming to a different conclusion following a judgement in the Court of Appeal (Herron v MB Sunderland) which does set a legal precedent.

The Appeal Court ruled that a technical failure to comply with the Traffic Signs Regulations does not invalidate any signage so long as the signs are clear and motorists are not misled – effectively preventing any further successful appeals on these grounds. 

Recent PATAS cases have been in line with the Court of Appeal judgement.

Motorists may have been misled by BBC Inside Out London into wrongly believing they may have a claim related to historic cases.