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London Councils responds to Education Select Committee report on careers advice

Released on 23 January 2013



Commenting on the report, Mary Vine-Morris, London Councils’ Director of Young People, Education and Skills, who gave oral evidence to the Committee, said:

 “We are pleased that today’s report highlights the critical importance of face to face careers guidance and backs our call for this to be available to all young people. Yet only last week, we heard that the extension of the Youth Contract wasn't sufficient to cover all young people not in employment, education or training. The government needs to listen to this report and ensure no more young people slip through the net.”

Notes to editors:

The House of Commons’ Education Select Committee on careers advice for young people will be published on Wednesday 23 January. Copies of the report are available under embargo from the Commons Select Committee press office. Mary Vine-Morris, London Councils’ Director of Young People, Education and Skills, gave evidence to the Committee on 21 November 2012.

The report states that careers guidance services for young people have deteriorated and will continue to do so unless urgent steps are taken by the government. It goes on to support the London Councils call to ensure face-to-face guidance is available to all young people and that the role of the National Careers Service should be extended to provide additional support for young people.

London Councils believes that access to high quality careers advice should be open to all young people. London has the second highest unemployment in the UK, and to tackle the problem of youth unemployment, attention needs to be paid to those furthest from the labour market.  We believe that by collaborating more closely, the combined resources of schools, local authorities and central government programmes (such as Youth Contract) can help reach these young people.

The Youth Contract  programme is in place to provide additional support to disengaged 16 and 17 year olds who have no GCSEs at A* - C. On Tuesday 15 January Schools Minister David Laws announced that the Youth Contract programme can be extended to support specific groups of vulnerable young people.  London Councils has argued that all young people not engaged in education, employment or training should have the opportunity to benefit from support through the Youth Contract and that this extension, whilst welcome, is inadequate to meet the needs of London’s young people.


For media queries, contact Ash Singleton, press officer, on 020 7934 9628 or ash.singleton@londoncouncils.gov.uk