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Survey of Londoners 2003

Policy area: London Local Government

Date of publication: 27 March 2008

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The ALG's (now London Councils) latest survey of Londoners shows that crime, council tax levels and the health service head the list of concerns about living in the capital, while six out of every 10 Londoners think their local council does a good job.

Every year the ALG commissions a survey of 1,000 Londoners to find out their main concerns about living in the capital, and what they think of their local councils.  Interviews for the 2003 survey - the 14th - were conducted by TNS Global during October, and the results unveiled on 9 December.

As last year, crime is the top worry for Londoners, with 47 per cent of those interviewed mentioning it as one of their top three concerns.  Council tax came second, with 36 per cent mentioning it, reflecting national concern.  The health service was mentioned by 31 per cent of interviewees.

The results about the image of London's councils were mixed. Two thirds of those interviewed said that council staff were polite and friendly, and 59 per cent felt their local council did a good job.   On the negative side, 47 per cent of people said they had problems in trying to contact their council by telephone.