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The urgency procedure is operated under section 19 of the Standing Orders.  In particular, during 2006, paragraph 19.1 read

19.1 If at any time the Chief Executive of ALG considers that any matter is urgent and should be decided on prior to the  next meeting of the ALG, then he/she shall consult the Elected Officers of ALG. If at least two of the Elected Officers, of  whom at least one will be from a minority party,  agree that the matter is urgent and agree on the Chief Executive’s  recommendation, then the decision shall be taken by the Chief Executive in accordance with such recommendation, subject to the  decision being recorded in writing and signed by the Elected Officers agreeing the recommendation of the Chief Executive of the  ALG.

Any decisions taken under the urgency procedure were then reported back to the next meeting of Elected Officers until meetings of Elected Officers were replaced by meetings of the new Executive on 29 September 2006, and were reported to the Executive thereafter.